A Handmade Treehouse. Waiheke Island, New Zealand

High amongst the trees on the quiet side of Waiheke Island (Cowes Bay) this hand built gem stands tall.

You’ll feel worlds away in this spacious home as the afternoon light warms the hexagon shaped hut.

Pour a wine from a local winery (there are plenty close by), light a fire or recline in the large bath.

You’ll likely hear a few kiwi birds traipsing through the forest floor below too.

Our favourite stops on the island include;

The sprawling vineyards and paddocks full of sheep at Man of War Winery occupy what feels like half of the island. The winery itself is a casual and homely setting surrounded by grassy hills along a waterfront bay.

Poderi Crisci for a long italian style lunch amongst lovely gardens.


Stop by ‘Raw Foods’ to stock up on nice quality supplies.

Vista Tip: It’s best to hire a car and take the car ferry across to the island (book ahead in school holidays). Once you are there take your time to visit remote beaches and unspoilt bays dotted with wooly sheep. Plenty of great roadside stalls to stock up on fresh fruit too.

Book the Treehouse Nest here.

(tell Wayne The Vista sent you) x

Julia, Matty and Dee Dee wear Baaba knitwear throughout.

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