A little conscious living goes a long way - we chat to these gorgeous parents about how they make greener choices for their families both at home and on the road. Plus, enter our giveaway to win a 6 month tooshies by TOM subscription x

These gorgeous photos were taken on location in Byron Bay featuring our friends and their bubs sporting tooshies by TOM nappies, captured by Amelia Fullarton.

Jasson dad to Taro and uncle to Dali

The more we practice something the better we become at it. Ignoring what we know to be right is practicing ignorance. I think it is much better to practice the opposite and cultivate a state of higher consciousness. One little decision at a time. No matter where you are, you can listen to that conscious voice that indicates the right course of action and move in that direction.

Mia with son Taro 

We’re lucky enough to live in an area that’s super eco conscious, so it makes living mindfully a lot easier. Fresh organic produce, endless plastic free options and almost everything comes in biodegradable form! However, it can be hard to maintain this lifestyle when you’re travelling, and it’s easy to get attached to only eating/shopping a certain way but part of travel is experiencing and being open to new things. Which for me, often means letting go of some of my preferences. But my non negotiables are clean water, fresh food and minimal amounts of refined sugar, msg & preservatives.

Hana mum of Dali

Once you become aware of the waste that’s been created and the use of harmful and toxic sprays been used within the food industries and the impact all of it is having on the earth and all its inhabitants, making conscious decisions becomes a necessary in your every day life. There’s so many little things you can do that make so much difference. We each have a keep cup, if we don’t have it we don’t get a take away coffee, Gelatos are only ever ordered in cones – why create more waste when you can eat a delicious waffle cone instead. Bees wax wraps and Tupperware containers are you’re best friend. Preparation is key we shop at local markets, take our own jars to fill at Whole Foods stores. Always have shopping baskets in the car. Before we head on the road or overseas i’ll google where the closest organic/Whole Foods store is to stock up on food and snacks, and I’ll easily spend a day looking up places to eat that support and use locally grown produce. It’s about acting with awareness in every little decision we make – We’re all part of this big beautiful earth.

Molly mum of Willa

I have always been conscious to do my bit for the environment, I’m no saint, but having a baby has really made me want to conserve this planet for our little ones…and their little ones. Just obvious conscious decisions like recycling waste, carrying my own shopping bags and coffee cup, not owning a microwave, buying preloved clothes for me and my babe, spending quality time together as a family instead of watching TV are all ways we can do our little bit to reduce the impact on this earth of ours and set up good habits for our future generations.

Holly mum of Della

We try and make conscious decisions on the way we live as much as possible. For Bub, we try and use the most eco-friendly nappies we can get our hands on. We also have little rules in our household, like only use bar soap and bamboo toothbrushes for Della, glass bottles are also great and last so much longer than plastic. My fave is Lifefactory. We use Nature Baby cotton squares for cleaning up spills around the house and washing her face. We try to buy her clothes second hand and don’t offer too her much in the way of toys. She’s happier playing with her dads work tools anyway! I love simple, everyday hacks that make our footprint a little smaller. On the road, we buy most of her snacks from the bulk foods store to fill her lunch box for our adventures. Since she was born, I’ve always carried around a reusable box for wipes that is always stocked up, this means I’m not buying a new pack of wipes every time we have an emergency! We also have an array of reusable calico bags I use for sorting all her bits and bobs.

Julia & Matty parents of Delilah Bee

Matty and I both feel that little things can make big change. We start at home with compost and recycling teaching DeeDee as we go. She even has her own little section of the veggie patch which she grows and cares for. When traveling we love to seek out farmers markets to buy groceries and snacks, supporting local industry – whether we are in Bangalow, Japan or California!


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Hana and Mia wear dresses by All That Remains

Holly wears St Agni

Julia wears Auguste the Label dress

Bubs Nature Baby clothing

Delilah wears Millk clothing

Hanging mobile by Bernii

Shot on location at Temple Farmhouse

All images by Amelia Fullarton


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