Up, up and away in Zion!

We have been bumping into lots of friends since coming home from the USA Road trip and most of the time they seem to ask – what was the highlight?

Truth is there was many Acrosanti, the hot springs of Santa Fe, dancing on the rooftop with great friends at The Surfrider Hotel, BUT one that really stood out was an impromptu helicopter ride across Zion National Park.

It was a first for all of us, the kind of thing I feel like you save for awesome holiday times just like this.

The experience wasn’t cheap by any means, it was also near the end of our trip AND we were dealing with the US dollar, but I had a plan… on booking I used by $400 American Express Explorer Credit Card Travel Credit which I’d been saving for something special. We logged onto American Express Travel Online, scheduled a 30min trip for that afternoon and up we went.

Viewing Zion from the air was spectacular! The pictures say the rest.

This Card is genuinely the best travel buddy. It also gives us access to the Amex App so Matt and I can keep track of how much we’re spending on the trip (and how many points we earn as we go)!

See more about the American Express Explorer Credit Card HERE


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