A Californian journey with artist Stella Maria Baer

Artist, Stella Maria Baer takes us on a journey through the High Desert

When we stumbled across artist, Stella Maria Baer‘s Instagram profile, we were blown away by the sweeping landscapes in her photos and the earthy tones of her paintings. As we delved a little deeper, her travels across North America with her family are what really stayed with us. Stella was invited to do an artist’s residency in Joshua Tree, at the Joshua Tree House where she explored the High Desert with her son, Wyeth, made her own paints out of cati and went on moonlit horse rides. Follow on with her journey from Denver, Colorado to Joshaua Tree below…

Camping in Canyonlands

Painted hills

Painted hills with Wyeth

Artist residency


Sands and cacti

In the studio and making paint

Paint made from sands and cacti + moonrise over ears

Horseback in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree porch

Studio and baby

Wyeth and fox and Wyeth and Mumma

Seth and Wyeth


Thanks for sharing Stella!

All images by artist and photographer, Stella Maria Baer. To see more of Stella’s artwork, head here and follow her journey on Instagram.


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