Spring Ready

Just when you think you can’t take a moment longer of the cold, dark winter days, in comes the springtime like a sweet floral breeze.

It’s about time we brought our skin out of hibernation too.

These are my 3 go – to products from the Mukti Organics range which I am reaching for this month.

1.Hyaluronic Marine Serum – Now this is new…(and incredible!) I found myself explaining it to a friend recently as both dewy, pumping and soothing all in one. You only need a tiny amount of gel and it makes your skin feel alive again, especially when your skin feels tired.

2. Mukti’s internal Bioactive Collagen Booster – is also a new product to the range. Added to smoothies or just with water first thing in the morning, you’ll see the results of this in your skins elasticity and reduction of fine lines.

3. Finally, I personally find Spring is the time to get serious with preventing sun damage, the UV is creeping up and I often don’t realize how much I’m in and out of the sun. The Daily moisturiser with SPF is a great ways to prevent UV damage everyday, both on and off the beach. I pop it on after cleansing in the morning after my serums, perhaps a touch of lip balm too and I’m out the door.

PS if this is your first Mukti purchase don’t for get to use my code, ‘thevista20’

Julz x


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