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Artist Desanka N. Fasiska takes us behind the doors of her Hollywood AFrame home

Desa, tell us. How did you find this fabulous abode in Hollywood or perhaps how did it find you?

I wasn’t looking trying too hard to buy a home at the time… But the market was great and so I started passively looking to see what was out there. I didn’t think I would be able to afford anything in Hollywood, let alone the Hollywood Hills but I gave the area a look anyway. The first house that came up in my price range was this quirky Aframe that looked like it needed some love. I have always had a soft spot for Aframes because my father built one with his bare hands before I was born. It was on Cheat Lake in West Virginia and we used to go there every summer until I was about 7 or 8. When I inquired about the house it was already in escrow but I just had a feeling it was going to be mine the second I saw it online. And low and behold it fell out of escrow and into my hands!


You speak of a found history with AFrame design, where did this emerge from?

I mentioned the personal history I have with Aframes but this house has an interesting history of it’s own that made it’s karmic vibes even stronger for me! I found out about 6 months after I bought it that the previous owner who owned for decades was my dear friends uncle. She told me about all her memories of being a little girl playing in the big, over-grown jungle of a yard. As for the OG owner I’m not sure but it was built in 1963 from a Sears pre-fab kit which I LOVE!


Nestled below your home is a whole other space with a second dwelling and a gorgeous studio, lucky lady.

Yes! I’m so lucky to not only be able to live here but work here too and having a little extra income from the apartment downstairs is great! Not to mention it’s amazing to be able to offer a place for my family to stay when they are in town that feels like their own, private space.


What happens in your lovely workshop?

In my studio I make all the ceramics and products I sell on my site as well as workshop all my DIY ideas for my blog. It’s really such a gift to be able to have a big space to get creative. I found that I am more creative than I ever have been because I have enough space to create and I don’t have to travel far to get creative. I have an idea and I just go downstairs and get to work.


Your pottery pieces exude a lovely sense of joy and feminine flair with the use of colour, gold highlights, eyes and lips how did your style develop over time and where do you feel your art is heading?

I really am a very free creator. I don’t care about neatness or perfection. I like to go with the flow, experiment and see what happens I don’t worry about results if it works it works! . Because my process is so free not everything is a keeper but when I love something I just keep doing it over and over until I hit a stride with it. Ceramics really lends itself to this kind of free-flow creativity and because I was a painter for so many years I really enjoy the glazing process the most.

As I build my lifestyle brand I would like to expand my line of ceramics to more home decor products like textiles and use other materials like wood and metal. I’m also looking forward to collaborating with other brands, big and small. Right now I’m working on some fun projects with some of the amazing makers I work with who host workshops at The Lodge on creating custom pieces for a few interior design projects I’m overseeing. Basically, I’m pretty much just so excited to collaborate and create and see where it all takes me!


As you know, there isn’t an Aframe club out there…surely A frame enthusiasts like us, must start one!

I really must start an Aframe club! I only know one other Aframe owner so anyone out there who owns an Aframe – HOLLER at me! Let’s form the first Aframe Enthusiasts of America and Beyond club… or something.


You recently acquired two room mates, who are they?

Oh just my new kitten Goo (after the sonic youth album that shaped my youth) and my big boy Jasper – the Shepard mix that keeps all of us ladies here at the Lodge safe! Don’t forget Hyphy… my first baby and the queen of my heart (she’s part min-pin part awesome)


Finally, Where can we find you lovely wares across the world?

I have been exclusively selling on but I am now starting to sell to a handful of select stores (like Merchant in Santa Monica). But I’m working on expanding (slowly) to the world at large very soon!


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