Self Care, Naturally…

with Mukti organic skin care


When was the last time you stopped…? took a breath, a walk in nature, a long hot bath or a dip in a wild, salty ocean?

A little self care in our crazy world is always a welcome treat.

Mukti have two new beautiful products that together make the most nourishing and restoring combination.

The Body Polish: Macadamia, sandalwood seed and davidson plum ground together and making a natural oil and exfoliant for your skin – not to mention the stunning fragrance, so yummy!

I used small handfuls and rubbed from my toes and feet, my legs, bottom, neck, shoulders, tummy, breast and all over…it’s a great remedy for any spots which may be effected by dryness, stretch marks or cellulite.

Once washed and towel dried apply the Bioactive Body Elixir with sandalwood seed, rosella and kangaroo paw flowers to leave your skin feeling silky and completely nourished.

20mins of self care can make a world of difference for your mind and your body.

To experience these products and more from Mukti’s range, purchase here using my personal code to receive 20% off your next order ‘ thevista20’.

Love Julz X



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