Western Australian based mum and naturopath Cat Edwards launches Petit Herb

Mother of three boys, health conscious muma Cat Edwards returned from NYC to her hometown of Perth with a big idea in mind...


Cat, when we received your ‘Petit Herb’ box the mail it basically was oozing with love! Tell us about your new venture…what’s in the box and why?

I wanted to create a range of products that celebrate pregnancy and motherhood. We have a pregnancy box and a postnatal box. The pregnancy box is all about encouraging rest and relaxation, nurturing the body in preparation for birth. The postnatal box focuses on healing and recovery, supporting the transition into motherhood. The boxes are laden with teas, herbal baths, nappy cream, soaps, bath salts, balms and flower essences.

Where did the idea first come about?

My passion for pre and post-natal health first sparked after the birth of my first son. I felt so empowered by the pregnancy and birth process and was inspired by the strong women that helped me on my journey. This newfound admiration of women, combined with my love of herbal medicine lead to the creation of Petit Herb!

You lived for a long while in both in Sydney & NYC before moving home to Perth – how was your homecoming after the “big city living”?

It took a while to acclimatise! But now I love it, especially since moving to Fremantle: the relaxed, slow paced, beach lifestyle, with a buzz of creativity in the air. It’s also a beautiful place to raise a family.

 A day in Perth – where would you send us? (cafes, shops, walks)

I do get a little excited for Sunday’s in South Fremantle. Mornings at the growers’ markets, live music, wood fired pizzas and an afternoon spritz at The Arts Center. Sunsets on South Beach. If you’re in the mood for dancing, you have to head down to The Jazz Cellar in Mount Hawthorn. Live 1930s Swing jazz in a cozy speakeasy style basement.

Being a muma – did you see a niche in the market for these type of products?

Yes – there aren’t a lot of products that focus on the well-being of the mother during pregnancy and the delicate post-natal period. In the age of the strong independent woman, there is often a rush to dive back into ‘normal’ life with new born in tow. Ayurveda wisdom speaks of a 40-day blessing period of rest, recovery and support from friends and family. I hope that these boxes act as a symbol of this blessing period, to remind us that motherhood is a time to come together and embrace nourishment and support from those around us. 

Where do you see the future of wellness headed in the future? 

There has definitely been a big shift in recent years and people are becoming more aware of what they are putting on their skin and into their bodies. We’re turning back to our traditional knowledge of herbal medicine and food as medicine. Australians are in the unique position that many of us live on the coast which generally encourages us to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. I think the future of wellness is going to continue to progress, Australia still has a way to go, but I think we’re on the way up!


Sales and inquries for Petit Herb via their new online store x

Our beautiful images captured by Liz Looker  on location in Perth, Western Australia.

Cat wears All That Remains clothing throughout.


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