A New Destination, Miléa

Exclusive to The Vista, today we launch brand new resort label Miléa. Your'e invited to preview the first campaign, view the film and gain an insight behind the brand with creative director Kay Howitt.


Kay, Miléa is a brand new, stunning resort range designed for a women who desires all things wanderlust…in your eyes, who is the Miléa woman?

She is independent, worldly and a bit of a global nomad interested in chasing the eternal summer. She appreciates quality and style and wants a true resort wardrobe that compliments her lifestyle and femininity.
‘Milea’ is such a pretty, feminine name – where did this spark from?

Creating a brand name to best express our product was a long but exciting process. We really had the opportunity to find an identity that was unique and embodied our confident feminine spirit as well as have an international feel.
As well as vintage inspired prints and a touch of crochet we can see a 70’s influence in there, are we right? Do you like to disco?

Well spotted! I love the excess of the 70’s and the eclectic mixing of prints. Growing up I loved music video’s, movies like Saturday Night Fever and the “It crowd” of Studio 54. I’ve done a bit of a “homage” to 70’s crochet by just adding a touch to our patchwork inspired print.
Your knowledge of swim wear construction, garment design and production certainly didn’t happen overnight – tell us a little of your background and how you found yourself with Miléa.

I’ve been involved in swimwear since I left East Sydney Dress Design School and was lucky enough to work for some of the most iconic Australian swimwear brands such as Brian Rochford, Speedo and of course, Seafolly. My background is pattern making and design and so I am very passionate about the fit of my garments, probably because I know how to construct it myself. I started my career counting sew in labels for production, back in the days when we were all local manufacturers and over the last 30 years have been a pattern maker, a sales person and a designer. I love working with Seafolly and when the opportunity came up to create a whole new and exciting brand I was lucky enough to be involved from its inception.

Swim and resort wear is certainly a competitive biz, what do you feel makes Miléa really stand alone out there?

I think the thing that makes Miléa really stand alone in the market place today is the individual prints, our attention to detail and our variety of styles that cover off all figure types and a product that not only looks beautiful but makes a woman feel supported, beautiful and feminine. Miléa swimwear combines European fabrics with a soft-to-touch handle and our swimwear is fully lined and where possible all seams are encased, making the garment as lovely on the inside as on outside. Our outerwear fabrics are generally 100% silks, silk blends or linens used for their drape and light touch, perfect for a travel wardrobe.
Today marks the official release of the brand, where you see all your hard work and your teams hard work come to life – where are we going to get our mittens on Miléa?
We are all so excited to see Miléa come to life in-store. We have some fantastic retail partners in both David Jones stores nationally and Sunburn stores as well as our important independent swimwear specialist retailers , all of whom have been so supportive and are so excited to have the beautiful product on the floor.

If you could take this brand anywhere on your next holiday where would you head to? Your dream getaway destination…?

I spent 10 days in Bali in November and was lucky enough to take along a few samples from our Miléa Preview collection which were perfect to wear from the pool to cocktails and dinner. My dream getaway destination would be the Maldives or the Cook Islands. The allure of the crystal clear water, a good book, great food and feeling a “world away” is very tempting.

Enter the world of Miléa HERE 

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