Natural travel remedies straight from the garden!

We can never visit the North Coast without a stop off to visit the folks at Church Farm. Now, with some beautiful new additions (a cabin and a baby boy!) we chat about gardens, and natural travel remedies.

Congratulations on baby #2, Percy! How are you juggling all the soap production and the little ones?

Thanks lovey! Well to be honest Andrew has taken over a lot of the soap making, under my strict instruction of course! Things are somehow working out at the moment, I don’t know how, nap times are busy times! We are going to be selling produce at the local farmers markets soon so we have been busy preparing for that.

The seasons are changing quickly, what’s best to be planting in the garden now?

Autumn is a great time of year for veggie gardening in the subtropics – the insects aren’t as troublesome, the weeds slow down, the weather is a lot milder for working in the patch and we can grow those lovely winter vegetables.  Just make sure you purchase seed/seedling varieties that are suited to the sub tropical environment

It’s a great time to plant garlic so they are ready for harvest before the heat and humidity of summer – just grab some heads from your local organic grocer, and plant out each separate bulb (pointy bit pointing up!) to reward you with whole new heads come spring. Be sure to buy garlic varieties that you know have been grown locally and thus suits the conditions.

We’ve also had good results growing onions, particularly the ‘Lockyer Gold’. Parsnips, fennel, leeks, celery have been successful for us over the winters. Turnips, radishes and beets are easy to grow. Its also a glorious time to plant an abundant crop of delicious sugar snap and snow peas (plant in succession to ensure a longer harvest). Plus a perfect time to plant lettuces, rocket, endive, chicory and asian greens. Brassicas love winter so plant your broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbages – you shouldn’t have any trouble with the white cabbage moth over the winter.

Talk us through your natural travel kit, all these goodies from your garden for the road.
Well we were just trying to think of ways to entice you over to our house because it’s always so nice to see you and.. I was just brainstorming while walking around the garden on what plants could be used while traveling, or would be beneficial when you reach your destination. There are other things that are great for travel – homeopathics, bach/bush flower essences, probiotics, natural mozzie repellant etc.. But these are the things that can be found in nature.

See Amanda’s recipe for a natural travel kit here:

Nasturtiums – 

Naturally high in vitamin C and a natural antibiotic, the nasturtium plant is great to keep the immune system in good shape. The bright yellow flowers and peppery leaves can both be eaten on their own, or you can add them to your salad.

Chamomile –
Take some chamomile tea on the plane with you, sometimes airline herbal tea selection can be rather slim, and chamomile is a great way to calm those traveling nerves.

for the best journey’s 😉


A tea of peppermint leaves may help to keep nausea at bay and remedy an unsettled stomach due to motion sickness.

Fennel Seeds-
In India, fennel seeds are traditionally chewed after a meal to freshen breath and keep the digestive system happy. Pop half a teaspoon of seeds into your mouth for a licorice-like aroma. You can also lightly roast the seeds before chewing them for a nutty flavour, or squeeze a little lemon juice over the seeds before chewing.

Rosemary is known to improve memory and help to increase intelligence and focus, which is essential when traveling.. (maps!) The aroma of rosemary has also been shown to improve mood.

Kick start your day with a glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon. Lemon water acts as a liver cleanser by assisting detoxification, cleanses the bowel by flushing out waste more efficiently and stimulates the release of gastric juices, which aid digestion. Handy if you are indulging in all of those exotic foods and booze.

Ginger’s big benefit is aiding digestion, there is an ayurvedic sutra that says ginger should be eaten before every meal! Ginger has also been used to relieve nausea and is another great herb for motion sickness. Try drinking a cup of ginger tea before your journey, or if you can eat raw ginger, try dipping two or three thin slices in a little salt and lime juice and have them before a main meal.


Super high in antioxidants and vitamin C, and great for collagen production and heart health… we just had to add strawberries because we found a couple of great big juicy ones in the garden. Strawberries are one of the fruits that are best to find organic (or purchased from a trusty non-chemical farmer from the farmers markets) as they are more likely to be contaminated with pesticides than other fresh fruit.

Amethyst is said to protect travelers from danger, and is capable of blocking negative influences… an anti-bad vibe shield.

Warning: Some of these items may not be allowed through customs!

For more from our Church Farm Farmers Amanda and Andrew click HERE

All images by Chris Prestidge @atdusk


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