If I'm completely honest I was well into my 30's until I started really paying attention to my skin...

The idea of a routine was non existent until the natural collagen started to fade, some pigmentation appeared, and of course those little lines started to creep on in…

I wanted to invest in skin care which I could

a) trust and

b) was recognised as purely 100% organic, good for the environment and my skin.

Now, although still very simple I do keep up a routine day and night – even on the road. My favourite items (and there are many) for my skin from the Mukti range include;

DAY //

VITAL C  ELIXIR – After washing my face with Luke warm water, Vital C is a lovely wake up. I’m not joking when I say it feels like a cool glass of fresh OJ on your face! The best wake up!

AGE DEFIANCE EYE SERUM – I do get rings under my eyes after poor sleep and tend to get dry areas above my eyes so I love the eye serum to remedy this.

ANTIOXIDANT FACIAL OIL 3-6-9 – My skin just loves oil so a fine layer of this before breakfast allows it to sink in before applying any make up.


2 – 1 RESURFACING EXFOLIANT – made from citrus and fine bamboo the smell is divine. Its fine particles are also soft and doesn’t leave your skin irritated like many exfoliants seem to do. I use a warm washer to remove.

ANTIOXIDANT FACIAL OIL 3-6-9 – this pops the oil back into my skin which it love (especially on long haul flights or cool months)

AGE DEFIANCE NIGHT SERUM – This is a perfect sleep easy moisturiser. Knowing that all through the night your skin will be treated to a sweet hydration.

On the run my two main vices are Rose Blossom Toner Spray which I keep in the fridge for a cool spritz on bare skin and the Tinted Moisturiser with Sunscreen daily as a quick fix, add a little cream blush and a lip balm and I am out the door!

This story, shot on location at Seascape, Annandale
Photography by Matt Rabbidge


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