MEXICO with Sarah Shabacon and her beautiful boys Isaac and Ziggy.

Tell us about your latest family trip to MEXICO!

This is the second year I’ve taken off to Mexico with my sons right before their birthdays and it’s now a tradition I plan to carry on forever.

Where did you stay?

At the Krystal Vallarta Beach Resort in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

Highlights of the trip?

Just getting to forget about tidying the house or cooking dinner and work. I get to take them and all their beauty in, it’s really all about bonding and learning more about these beautiful boys of mine!

Do’s and dont’s?

Do pack only the essentials and don’t over plan your time away. Sometimes the best discoveries and most treasured moments come from a last minute decision.

Your favourite packing essentials?

I always bring a big linen throw from Dazed But Amazed for the beach, I sun bathe on it, Ziggy naps on it in the shade and Isaac uses it to wipe saltwater from his eyes. It’s honestly such a purposeful item to pack. I also like to bring a Sunday Supply Co. Umbrella which ships as an oversized item and most times costs us nothing extra because they assume it’s a playpen! Hopefully this doesn’t jinx that..Lastly there is an Eco Beach Toy Set that’s biodegradable that I bought for the trip that is so well loved!

Any wise words for families attempting MEX for the first time?

Brush up on your Spanish and don’t be afraid to live like a local and get to know the locals. Some of the best meals we’ve ever had abroad were because locals recommended them or made them for us!

You travel a lot – where else have been a stand out destination for you and where are you off to next?

Travel is our family bonding time because of our demanding schedules for work, even though my husband and I went without the boys, Croatia was a stand out. We stayed in a beach town called Cavtat and had the best meals our our lives in Old Dubrovnik (fresh truffle pasta). We’re travelling to Aruba in April all together for 2 weeks and cannot wait!

Getting there and around?

We flew into the Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport in Jalisco and the sweetest man in his eighties(!) picked us up with rose water face cloths and water bottles for the boys.

Day Trips:

The Malecón – it’s a mile long walk along the seaside that is sprinkled with all forms of artists, food vendors serving up fresh tacos, artisans selling their creations and performers.

Huichol Art – A museum of Mexican Folk Art by the Indigenous Huichol.

Sayulita – Although we didn’t have enough time to visit Sayulita, my inbox was flooded with recommendations to visit the small surf town. It’s enough to make me want to visit again just to experience the energy there

Sum up travelling with kids in one sentence for us…

The only way to do it is to embrace the magical and the difficult moments as if they were all the same.

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