Making Tracks, Tamworth NSW

Family time… as our days seem to get busier and busier I find myself already carving out dates and events in the calander to just make more of it… It may be as simple as a rainforest walk, a picnic, a camping trip or in this case a train trip to the country!

Last weekend we took the scenic route from Armidale to Tamworth with NSW TrainLink. A smooth service that’ll wind you through the New England tablelands to take in a vista of sheep and cattle grazing properties, mountain escarpments dotted with tall gums and sweet little townships surrounded by wineries and artisan makers.

On the 1.5hr stretch you can relax, have fun, take in a movie, snack on foods including local bush snack foods ‘Dreamtime Tuka’ or in our case you can take in a live show… Delilah and her mixed bag of nursery rhymes (all sung in monotone) with matching dance moves.

We timed our journey with The Taste of Tamworth local food festival which was incredible for kids. We also stayed at a quaint Airbnb just walking distance to town and the train station.

Vista Tips:

Dine at Pig & Tinderbox
Breakfast at Sonny’s Bakery
Explore the incredible Hopscotch Park – a kids wonderland!
Other stays include the lovely Goonoo Goonoo station
And Ruby’s cafe with a courtyard and play area perfect for the kids.

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