Lust for life!

Living everyday like it's her last, nomad Lauren Bullen is one Gypsy who does it right.

We recently caught up with Lauren aka ‘gypsea_lust’ on a very bumpy bus ride to Ho Chi Min City for a quick chat about her roots and her latest worldly adventures…
How did it all begin?
I’m an Australian who grew up in the small coastal town of Lennox Head, NSW.
I’ve always had one desire- to travel, and so I do! After spending majority of 2014 overseas in North America and Asia my partner and I decided to move up to the beautiful tropical North Queensland to continue the travels and exploring.
How did you hone your shooting skills?
We both became addicted to photography through our travels and self taught ourselves how to photograph. At every opportunity we went out to explore a new location.
In the past 6 months we have been lucky enough to turn our passion into work and we now find ourselves travelling to all different parts of the world and Australia to photo blog.
Life’s lessons?
Travel has taught me more about myself and the world than any job or study could.
It has found me my passion and the opportunity to meet so many incredible people across the world.
Next up?
for me.. I’m currently finishing up a trip across Vietnam, then I will be taking a week to discover the coast of NSW and For the early new year we have plans for Hawaii and the Cook Islands.
Enjoy this beautiful slide show of Lauren’s stunning travel images and follow her next path HERE
Exploring the beauty of Plitvice Lakes.
Plitvice lakes national park, Croatia
Golden hour sailing through the magical bay of islands.
Ha long bay, Vietnam
Having this place all to ourselves.. Nothing has left me in such awe.
To Sua ocean trench, Samoa
Day break over the mountains and hills
Grampians, Victoria, Australia
Nights spent in Cave hotels.
Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey
Waking up before the sun and watching the sky fill with 100’s of balloons
Cappadocia, Turkey
Floating away in the Crystal clear waters of Croatia
Mljet national park, Croatia
Teepees and campfires on the tropical South Pacific island, Samoa
Upulo, Samoa
Climbed to the edge to look over at the beauty of ‘butterfly valley’
Fethiye, Turkey
Under the sea, my happy place.
Upulo, Samoa
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