Let’s get together! Pop & Scott. Melbourne, Australia

Although it's been happening since the ages, the concept of "collaboration" is a very familiar term these days.

A joining of forces and minds, both creatively and powerfully…This idea of bringing together likeminded people stirred owners Poppy and Scott to create a fun, workshop and showroom space all under the one roof. We travel to Melbourne, Australia to meet the crew behind the name.


Poppy, tell us a little about your background and what first brought you to Melbourne from Perth…

I’ve been a florist for about 15 years, my mum is also a florist and she ran her small business out of our home when we were kids so I was always surrounded by flowers. I’ve had a really exciting floristry career from the time I moved to Melbourne when I was 19 working in some of Melbourne’s top boutique shops and also freelancing for some amazing event florists. I came to Melbourne for the weather the flowers and the musicians.


The showroom is alive with colour and a buzzing vibe, do you feel the popularity of the business is partially due to a new emphasis on the artisan movement. A strong feeling that people are perhaps more conscious of where and how there goods are created?

I definitely think this plays a part in the reason why the workshop and showroom have been successful. I do also believe there have always been people around who appreciate and support hand crafted and hand made items and each era has had a particular movement of the hand made and crafted that is a huge hit… like macramé in the 70’s. There is always this culture around although I guess now it feels like it is bigger because of social media.


What’s next for the Pop and Scott tribe?

I am dying to get back to Mexico!!! We have to do a trip next year I guess it will be the states to see friends then head back to Mexico for a few weeks. We are planing a few Australian road trips too. Our good friends Jessica Tremp and Mikey Madden and their babes are going to join us on a drive across the Nullarbor next year. I feel that trip will be pretty inspiring. On the work front; right now we are working on our arm chair to complement the ‘Dreamer’ couch and there are a couple of other projects on the go too.


Amy (potter, painter and weaver), Bobby (artist), Camille (Carpenters Daughter), Bruce (Anchor ceramics) and Roo (the Kelpie) are amongst other awesome folk who share the workplace.

We meet Amy in the showroom who quietly weaves with gorgeous 70’s steeze and ask her to describe her workspace; “It solves the main problem for me about working in the arts/crafts, in that they lend themselves to being rather solitary professions. I have a nice balance at the moment of working on my ceramics at my home studio and weaving and painting at the workshop. There’s always someone to bounce ideas off, share knowledge or have a drink with.

Poppy and Scotty are two of the most positive, enthusiastic, funny and generous people I’ve ever worked with and they set the tone for the whole workshop. Every day they put on a delicious spread and everyone sits down for lunch together. It’s like working for Pixar but with more nudity.”

Camille ‘Carpenter’s Daughter, maker of beautiful leather aprons, comments, “back in the day I was chained to a grey coloured desk, artificial lighting overhead, staring at design grids, with rain leaking on my desktop and in a moment of reflection thought to myself ‘enough of this madness!’. Thankfully my friends at The Hungry Workshop mentioned that there might be spaces going at the Pop & Scott workshop. After a ye old stalk of them online I felt the excitement you only feel when you apply for a really rad house and have to mentally control yourself for the 99% chance of rejection. So I emailed pops some cool, calm, collected email and here I am today! I now feel very blessed to have found such a beautiful and inspiring workshop family.”

In casual conversation with Bruce he admits he loves the idea of a shared workspace too… “The idea of coming to work here is one that certainly gets me out of bed in the morning” .


Visit the great Melbourne space HERE

All film images by Matt Rabbidge


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