Down the garden path with Poppy and Someday’s Kari Jansen

We couldn't make a trip back to LA without spending at least a day in the presence of the wonderfully healing Miss Kari Jansen


Since we last spent time you have added more products to your range and doing a lot more body treatments too. 
How you feel the Poppy and Someday brand is evolving as you too evolve?

I think it is so important for us to keep growing and evolving. It keeps me inspired and excited to wake up everyday. My bodywork is my comfort zone as I have been a massage therapist for 20 years. With that, I’ve developed my treatments to work in parallel with my products and vice versa. I encourage and stress the importance of self care. Many of my new products, like the Vyana Salt Scrub, Canyon Sun Body oil, and Breast Massage oil, are designed to give your body self massage and lymph stimulation. Following each two-hour lymphatic massage, which includes warm herbal oils, cuppings, hot rocks, tuning forks and gua sha, I tell each client that they’re in their body now. We can get so disconnected from our bodies living in such a stressful, fast paced world.

Explain a little about the treatment we received today (on my baby belly).

I had the best time working on you. I am a mother and remember getting the most magical massage when I was pregnant and I wanted to pass this on to you. It is so important to nourish and relax the muscles that are carrying such special cargo. I used calming herbs like Lavender and Calendula infused in warm oil to take you in a deeply relaxed place. Then I worked out all the tight areas around your lower back and upper legs nourishing and calming your nervous system. Hopefully, this took you into a very sweet and balanced place for your growing baby.

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You recently took part as a spokesperson/teacher at ‘Spirit Weavers Festival’ tell us about the experience and sharing your knowledge with others.

I always have the best time at Spirit Weavers Festival as one of 600 women among the redwoods. I worked in the Herbal Wellness First Aid area helping to support women through their imbalances and illnesses. I also taught a class on Ayurvedic Breast Massage. It was so fun sharing my knowledge about self care and how to make one’s own salt scrub. A lot of the focus was on the lymphatic system as it is so important to stimulate, nourish and massage. I talked about the lymph tissues and how everyone can access their own, finding out what type of lymph they have though an Ayurvedic lens and then specific remedies that can help. Spirit Weavers provides a safe place where women can grow and go inward towards are our own unique healing transformations.



We loved wandering your garden her with you in Laurel Canyon along with Sage (your gorgeous big puppy). Which plants and herbs do you have growing here and why?

I love spending time in my garden. It is so healing for me to ground my energy in the soil. I love growing medicinal herbs but I do live in LA where our water is limited. With that, I grow many drought tolerant plants which I incorporate in many of my products, such as White Sage, Mugwort, Lavender, and Rosemary. I love crystally-resiny plants and how their smell is so intoxicating and invigorating. I love the start-to-finish process of growing, harvesting and then finally making lovely medicine. The energy of Laurel Canyon and my peaceful sanctuary is in each product. I infuse herbs into all my oils which I use for products and my treatments. For my shirodhara treatments, the oils are infused with herbs like Rosemary, Mugwort and White Sage, which are an important part of the warm oil stream that nourishes and stimulates your pituitary gland. I use Rosemary to stimulate mind clarity, Mugwort to enhance the dream and meditative state and White Sage to clear out any energy blockages.



Asides from your space where in LA do you go to escape and seek quiet time? eat, play, stay, make, meditate?

I love traveling. For me, it is extremely exciting and relaxing to hit the open road heading to a new adventure. I love hiking as it keeps me renewed and is so meditative to me. Some of my favorite driving adventure spots are Big Sur, CA and Taos, NM. In Big Sur, I camp on my friends amazing land that overlooks the ocean. I love grabbing breakfast at Deetjen before I head on my next adventure. My last visit to Taos I ate at the sweetest restaurant call The Love Apple. So relaxing to sit by the fire after a day of hiking to a cozy hot springs nestled next to the Rio Grande river. But where I find true peace is when I travel to India. My last trip to India I stayed at a dreamy Ayurvedic retreat called the Manaltheeram Ayurveda Beach Village. It is located in Kerala just south of Kovalam. I still dream of papayas, achappams, and puttu. A coconut heaven with little yurts that I stept like an Indian goddess. Waking up every morning just before sunset to meditate on a grounding rock that overlooked the ocean is where my peaceful place is.

What’s next for the wonderful Kari Jansen?

There will always be new adventures and fun on the horizon. I am continuously coming up with new products. I’m currently working on a new face serum, eye cream, and resin perfume. To me it’s very exciting and inspiring that people are really paying attention to what they put on their bodies. The skin is our largest organ and should be nurtured. I am also building an outdoor spa with a beautiful cedar infrared sauna and claw foot tub surrounded by herbs and plants. You’re always welcome to come back and hang out at the Horseshoe Retreat.

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All images by Polish power woman Magdelena Wosinska


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