Jordan / A journey of red earth with artist Jedda Daisy Culley

Jedda is hands down one of our favourite artists. Wife to creative Dan Stricker and muma of Zen and Lucian. We follow their family journey into the colourful desert landscapes of Jordan.

How did you find yourselves here in Jordan so far from your Sydney home? The landscape is what drew us to Jordan. I am driven to red earth and wide open spaces. I love to see the full light show of the sky anchored by rusts and reds. The deserts we explored in Isreal were not red like the Wadi Rum. I guess we were on a hunt for the reddest earth.

Zen and I in the Valley of the moon, the red earth was so soft.

The adventure: We walked across the boarder from Israel into Jordan and then drove straight into the Wadi Rum where we jumped in the back of a truck and cruised across the desert sand. We arrived at twilight, a big moon was rising in the Valley, a beautiful sign as the Wadi Rum translates to The Valley of the Moon.

Driving into the Wadi Rum will never leave me. I have rarely ever been so in ore of a landscape. I have to go back. I have to paint this place. I took home a special gift from the valley of the moon; I was blessed to paint this landcape.

Where did you stay? Memories Aicha CampGlamping is a nice way to come home after a long hot day exploring the desert

Magic moon dome where we had traditional Bedouin food

HOT TIPS for any parents who want to do this trip? Travelling though Jordan with kids was a breeze; people are so warm and friendly; They loved to give our kids treats (that was probably the hardest part, filtering the sweets). When we ate out they would just sweep our kids up for cuddles and games. It has such a beautiful family culture. The desert is hot, I think taking light bits of cloth is the best defence against the blazing sun, me and the kids loved making little tents for ourselves to shelter in.

A pony ride into Petra blew the kids minds

Climbing through the Jordanian hills

I love camels they are the coolest I cant stop drawing them, I want to put a camel in every painting. The shape of their bodies rolls with the landscape

Heaven is a place. The water is heavy and soft it craddles you

My face was bright red after this little self spa session

My men getting their mud on

Zen and I finding rocks

Lucian found the moon; the only object for miles became an instant toy

Road stop snack looking out of Amman

FAST FACTS: Jordan is approx a 13.5hr flight from Australia. Epic desert landscapes, hospitable people and ancient ruins are Jordan’s most obvious drawcards, but a closer look reveals that, despite its arid environment, the kingdom is also wonderfully rich in lush oases, from a biblical river to saline soaks and secret canyon pools. Read more about this destination via Loney Planet HERE

Discover the wonderfully creative world of Jedda’s art and family HERE 


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