It’s Time For A Boost!

When Mukti called to tell me that she was adding a internal collagen supplement to the range, this made my day.

I knew if Mukti was creating it that
a) it was going to be an excellent product and
b) it would be as natural as possible.

I am happy to say it is both and moreā€¦

I started test driving this product around 4 weeks ago by adding the collagen to my daily routine.

For me it really was perfect timing. Alby is still waking up between 3 – 5 times a night and I was really feeling like my general well being needed something “extra”.

The fact that the product amongst other things, reduces fine lines and wrinkles AND strengthens hair, skin and nails – had me at hello!
It also aids digestion and a healthy gut.

Mixed into water, or added to smoothies, it’s oh so easy to introduce into your day.

It’s about nourishing yourself from within. Whether your a mamma, run a busy schedule or juggle both this is the perfect daily elixir for optimal skin health.

It officially launches on the 1st of August at $124.95, but right now you can pre order it for just $99.95!

& as an introductory offer Mukti is offering a special gift with purchase with the first 50 purchases a ‘Hylauronic Marine Serum’ worth $60.


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