Look to the universe to find your next destination. Your monthly travel horoscope by celestial queen Susan Miller. Illustrated by Mia Taninaka


As a Libra you have been though many trials over the past several years. It may have occurred to you that this must be how grownup life is, filled with heavy responsibilities but not much fun. Who could blame you for feeling that way? However, life can become glorious again, and I suspect that will be proven out in early October.

The universe is about to make a correction and so many frustrations of your past will now begin to evaporate. The September 30 new moon in Libra, the only one of this year set to fall in your sign, marks one of the happiest windows of opportunity of 2016. (This will be doubly so if your birthday falls within five days of this date.)

This new moon represents a portal of energy that lasts ten days, and it will allow you the perfect time to go after something dearly important to you. This goal may be so personal to you that many people around you might not know what it is. Act in the first week of October. You have not had anything this special in years, and with good fortune Jupiter in Libra for the first time since 2004, it would be a shame not to use this moment to go for the gold.

You appear to also be focused on your residence or a family member, for Mars has just recently moved into your home sector on September 27 to stay until November 8. If you want to fix up your space before the holidays, October would be the ideal time to do it. If you need to sign a contract, a work order, or any other important document, do so on October 10 or 11, when Mercury will be beautifully oriented to good luck, profit-oriented Jupiter.

The month’s full moon, October 16, won’t be anyone’s favorite. It’s unstable and unpredictable, and it will fall in your seventh house of partnership ruling both marriage and business partner. Something is reaching critical mass, and the bone of contention with your spouse, business partner, or other collaborator appears to be directed at a member of the family. Or, it may be that you suddenly, without warning, will have to attend to a family member in need. You may feel your partner is acting erratically, which would not help, and you won’t be able to predict your partner’s actions. If friends weigh in their opinions, they will only complicate matters – your friendship sector will be under siege. This suggests a friend could be more of a problem than help.

With seven out of ten heavenly bodies in pioneering cardinal signs, everyone – including you – will be impatient to make progress, and you will settle something important involving you and your partner near October 16. You seem to be done hoping and waiting for things to improve. Although intense, this full moon will clear the air and finalize things once and for all.

One of your best moments will come this month when your ruling planet, Venus, will conjoin Jupiter, both in Libra, October 26. Use this day for scheduling an interview, a launch, a first date – anything that you feel is a day when much will be hanging in the balance for you and will have the edge. It should be a very happy, five-star day, and a welcome one, coming soon after the emotional full moon.

Money may have also been a concern lately, but that too, is improving. The new moon of October 30 will be when you should consider asking for a raise. Think about all the fine contributions you’ve made to the firm, list them, and make your case in the days that closely follow this new moon. If self-employed, you might be able to raise your rates too, so gently test the waters. If you are in a creative field, the new moon’s beam to Neptune in your house of assignments suggests you can now add many original ideas to this project, so describe your plans to the client, and if approved (likely) let rip.


With the new moon of September 30, plus the Sun and Jupiter influencing your first half of October, it is time to reflect on your life as it is now, and to imagine what you hope to change and materialise in the coming year. Mars and Pluto, your two rulers, are both filling your third house of travel, so you may want to venture out, perhaps to admire nature’s brilliantly coloured leaves in the north hemispheres.

The month will end quietly, with a new moon on October 30, in Scorpio, ushering in a time to consider the course you are on in life, and to make changes if you like before your birthday time arrives in a few weeks. September was very active professionally and brought changes at work and possibly at home too, and although October has a more personal emphasis, it’s still busy. With so much going on, you will likely look forward to month’s end and early November when you will be able to breathe and slowdown, and to recharge your batteries to get ready to enjoy your birthday and the upcoming flurry of holiday festivities.


The end of the month brings a chance to travel, thanks to the new moon in Scorpio, October 29. This new moon is also a romantic one, for it will receive glamorous signals from Neptune in your third house of quick trips. Try to schedule a trip, and make it to a place near water. Neptune will be pleased – and so will you.

Welcome to a wonderful month, one of the best of 2016. That new moon is just glorious, for it arrived with the Sun, giver of vitality and life, and Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, in your broadening, intellectual ninth house. Most new moons are mixed, but this one is darling, with no rogue aspects to steal its grace and beauty.  October is perfect for spreading your wings and learning more about the world, even if you can’t leave home. A wider horizon awaits you now, and you’ll see many possibilities in everything you touch. Looking back you may say you used to think in smaller, more marginal terms. This month’s theme is to grow and learn, and doing that will be right up your alley.



As you get closer to month’s end, the new moon October 30 will bring a strong and very positive influence from foreign people and foreign places. You may be traveling, or you may be doing assignments for those based far from you without ever leaving your desk. Publishing and broadcasting projects could capture your imagination this month. Alternatively, you may be interviewing colleges or graduate schools, and if so, it would be the perfect time to begin the process. Your ninth house, so lucky for you in the ten days that follow after October 30, covers all these areas.

No matter what you begin at this new moon, you will be deeply inspired by the work, because Neptune, the planet of imagination and also Pisces’ ruler, will be magnificently angled to this new moon. Indeed, the October 30 new moon has your name written all over it, dear Pisces, and will favor you above all others.


Someone near you is about to be very, very good to you, dear Aries. This month brings the most beautiful new moon of all of 2016.

Jupiter, the good fortune planet, has just arrived in this part of your chart for the first time in over a decade, blessing your commitments, whether romantic or business in nature.

Jupiter conjoined that new moon brings all kinds of blessings, including extraordinary luck with housing, with other property, or from your family. From the start of the month (your best time), Venus will be signaling Neptune, giving a glamorous mood – you’ll be showered in fairy dust. Meanwhile, the Sun rules your house of true love, and with Jupiter moving so close, you may have a tender first meeting of someone new that sends tingles down your spine.



October starts out in such a lovely way. The new moon of September 30, the sweetest of all of 2016, is now opening a portal of opportunity for you in your sixth house of health and work. It will be up to you to gather up all the opportunities that will be there for you, and they will be substantial.

You also will want to travel mid-month, most likely on a romantic getaway, a lovely idea – go to a foreign country or a paradise island that requires a passport for entry. Your stars will help you put the pieces together almost effortlessly. All full moons have four days of influence before and after the day it appears, so plan accordingly and enjoy every minute.

Jupiter, planet of good fortune, moved into your fifth house of true love last month to stay a year, and even though you may experience a rocky full moon on October 16 (let’s hope not), keep in mind you are now entering the most glorious year in over a decade to find true love. Literally nothing can stop you from finding the love you deserve. One of your best days for love will be October 26 will be when Venus, in your partnership / marriage sector, will join forces with fortunate Jupiter. It’s a Wednesday, but be sure to plan something after work anyway.

Home means everything to the little crab, and if your home is not the way you hoped it would be, you will feel restless until you get it right. There’s no possibility of anything going wrong this month. You are now in your very best year in the decade to find the living quarters of your dreams. A mere one day before October dawned, the new moon of September 30 opened a glorious portal of opportunity to get your home the way you always envisioned it to be.You have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, conjunct the Sun and new moon in this important part of your chart. If you need to move, renovate, repair, de-clutter, or do any other home-related project, you have the green light to get things in motion. Do so in the first days of October, as a new moon is powerful for ten days.

This month will be highly productive, and you will be on your A-game, moving through your daily rounds with the speed of light. Writing, speaking, translating, editing, negotiating, and all sorts of skills associated with communication will be front and centre for you as you begin the month. The new moon that appeared in Libra on September 30 will be one of the sweetest of the year for these activities, so choose one and get started.

Your sign excels in communication, so silence your inner critic, and write a poem, start your novel, or put together a treatment for a screenplay. It’s your time to shine and be acknowledged for the ideas that are inside you – be courageous and let them out.

Illustrated by Mia Taninaka

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