Honolulu Daze. The Vista x Peony


Spanning over 8km of pure white sand one of the world’s most famous beaches Waikiki once played host to Hawaiian royalty. Now, it attracts tourists world wide, splashing about in its clear waters on various inflatables and slurping mountains of shaved ice.

Colourful beach umbrellas dot the hot sand and bodies of all shapes, sizes and beautiful colours soak up the UV rays. With luxury hotels and tiki bars set upon its shores there is more than one reason to sip the day away on a coconut mojito.

Like most touristic hubs Waikiki has seen many changes. My teenage memories of the famous stretch were quickly upturned when I discovered my favourite hole in the wall cafes, and the once quirky international market place had been replaced with flashy designer malls.

Yet one things for sure, that familiar smell of coconut tanning oil and witnessing the iconic candy pink¬†sunset melt over Diamond Head, still managed to stir the same romance for the Hawaiian beach days I remember…

We stayed at the wonderful ‘The Modern Honolulu’ a stay I would recommend to anyone, especially with little ones.

Julia wears Peony swimwear throughout

All images on film by Matt Rabbidge

Mahalo x


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