Here comes the sun

If you're anywhere south of the equator you'll be feeling the much welcomed warming up of our days and nights. We are on the tilt of summer and it feels great.

That daily battle to cross the threshold from the favourable climate under the doona out into the world is becoming a much easier journey.

So if getting up early before the sun isn’t already part of your life routine, then this is the time to initiate yourself to receive the magic that sweeps across the planet in the early morning, without fail, day after day.

Waiting patiently to greet the approaching sun over the eastern horizon is a daily ritual that dates back to the earliest epochs of history. Adoration and worship of the sun was one of Man’s first and most natural forms of inner expression. Most, if not all of the ancient traditions have had some form of sun worship, incorporating various solar symbols and deities. The Vedic culture of India is one of these traditions through which sun worship has been preserved and is still practiced as a daily ritual in many parts of the country.

According to ancient vedic knowledge “At sunrise the many fires, electricities, ethers and more subtle energies [prana or life force] emanating from the sun extend all the way down to the coordinates where the sun is said to rise. It is awesome. The flood enlivens and purifies everything in its path, destroying what is impure in its wake. This torrent of life-sustaining energies causes all life to rejoice” Vasant Paranjpe.

Modern living has removed us from natures rhythmic influence. The internal rhythms, the inherent clock-like nature of our nervous and endocrine systems have become unbalanced through the effects of stress and tension, resulting in a lack of well being and general feelings of crappiness, leading many people to a state of disease.
The ultimate tool to create balance and harmony within, is to tune ourselves to the circadian rhythms of nature and there is no better way to do this than rising with the sun.
Being a mere witness to the rising of the sun is a proven remedy for the fight against negative thought patterns and depression.
So whether your motivation sprouts from the need to remove deep-seated stress or to minimise the effects of jetlag or to see some pretty colours, your entire mind/body system will be uplifted and your health will improve by waking and receiving.

The ancient seers of the Rig Veda described the sun as.
The remover of all weakness,
Healer of all illness,
Lord of all that stands and goes,
He slays the demons
and guards the worshippers.

Even if lie-ins are your thing, set a goal to break the cycle at least once a week. Get out of bed, go to the beach or climb a tree, get somewhere with a view of this magnificent show of light. Look at your skin as it reflects and radiates the beauty of the sun, soak in the warmth and pay tribute to the source of creation and life. Become part of the Solar tradition and carry the suns radiance into the world.

Om Surya Namaha

Story by, Jasson Salisbury

Volcano hike to greet the sun, Mt Batur, Bali Indonesia.

Photo by Tom Hawkins


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