Have job, will travel!

We have never met gal so suited to her job! A well travelled woman with the heart and soul of a nomad. Meet Amelia Stanley, Creative director of Australian based swim brand Tigerlily.

Amelia, you radiate the spirit of a gorgeous well travelled woman.
Anyone who knows you would know that travel is in your veins…tell us where this passion stems from?
Oh ha ha… I spent my childhood holidays mostly up or down the NSW coast so my first experience overseas was at the age of 15 when my parents took us to California, Arizona & Hawaii. They are avid travellers and researchers so I have them to thank for opening it all up to me. Looking back that first trip was such a life changing experience, also at a really pivotal age where you are working out what you want to do with your life… I worked out then and there I needed to travel as part of it and combined with always wanting to design bikinis my path was pretty clear, except for some momentary tendencies wanting to become a chef or a naturopath (don’t confuse a love of eating and keeping healthy with a career goal)
That was that and it’s been non stop travel since then…
You personally 100% embody the Tigerlily brand, how did this perfect role come about for you?
I studied fashion and textiles at UTS and focused my thesis on swimwear textile technology as my obsession with Lycra goes way back. From there I worked for Australia’s largest swimwear company Seafolly as a design assistant cutting samples and learning from the best how to sew swimwear before and after work. I’ve always sewn clothes since I was little and love the whole design process, not just the end product. Tigerlily came about as a complete surprise, only in its 4th year I couldn’t think of an Australian brand that I admired as much and that was so aligned with my own aesthetic. The role wasn’t even advertised but after meeting with Jodhi (founder and former owner) (whom has the best boobs I have ever seen and I couldn’t stop staring at them during my interview) I presented a folio I created and tailored entirely for her and it all fell into place. I started as the first designer to focus mainly on the clothing side and naturally progressed to designing the swimwear 2 years later also. I’m really grateful for Jodhi believing in me at the age of 22 to design what was her baby at the time. We had a lot of ups and downs as any emerging brand does, I was always encouraged to take risks and explore as a designer which I really think has helped us grow to where we are now.
Your home sanctuary is packed full of gorgeous travel treasures! (talk us through our faves, like the greek jug, fridge stamps and moroccan glassware).
A) I found my Greek mug just this year whilst shooting our campaign in Greece. We stayed on this quaint little island called Sifnos and they are renowned for this unique rustic style of ceramics. They have an ancient vibe and nothing is perfectly finished, which I love. My Moroccan hand painted glasses are from a trip to Morocco 5 years ago with my husband whom was a ‘newish’ boyfriend at the time. We decided it would be wise if we both bought a set of these incredible glasses in the case we broke up… ha ha ha so now we have 12. I don’t really have anything that valuable but I’m overly sentimental so they are valuable to me, even my fridge magnets I hunt down the non-touristy hand made artisan version and proudly display them for some daily nostalgia.
Your latest swim campaign was captured in Greece, set again an azure sea. What was the highlight of this trip?
Everything! Working with the divine Alyssa miller, the super talented and most humble photographer Nicole Bentley and of course the Greek hospitality. We felt as if we were welcomed into a big Greek family as we stepped off the ferry. The Greeks do not disappoint! Especially with their cuisine and storytelling, everything was exceptional.
You explain your trip to Morocco as a “game changer” with your hubby, tell us why?
Well, we only met 3 months earlier so it was a little out of character for me a ‘Taurean’ to be like “sure I’ll come to Morocco with you” but I did… and we have so many classic memories from this trip. We got of the beaten path and experienced some unique cities and foreign things. It was such a great trip, especially for the 50kg of textiles we brought back with us that fondly decorate our home, safe to say this is when I converted Tommy to loving textiles as much as I do…
We know you intricately develop all your own prints. What is your favourite print and how did you develop this?
Ah, I have so many favourites! We just re-released one as part of our archive collection that was inspired from this trip to Morocco. I like to document and capture where ever I go, after a few days in Marrakech we heard about a less ‘touristy’ palace that had amazing artefacts and textiles on display… sounded incredible, and it was. Whilst exploring the Palais Dar Si Said and we stumbled across a roped off area with a guard, which made us want to gain entry even more! Tommy convinced the guard in his perfect French (also a game-changer) and slipped him some dirhams to let us enter the ‘forbidden’ harem. One of the most mesmerising rooms I have ever been in, heavily tiled mosaic walls and hand painted plasterwork ornate ceilings. We named our print ‘harem floral’ after this and our artist Sarah drew reference to the plasterwork and we incorporated a ‘spice’ colour palette of paprika and turmeric hues along with pigment blues reminiscent of the mosiacs. That year 3 of us in the team travelled separately to Morocco on holidays so we all got pretty into the theme and produced one of our favourite collections to date.
What is your advice to anyone who would love to get into the world of swim and clothing design?
Want it more than the next person, some stubborn determination goes along way…but be nice and consistent!
Where in the world are you of to next… & can we come? x
Hmmm…We luckily just got back from and amazing sourcing trip to Mexico and the US so next we may return to one of our favourites such as Brazil, India or St Barths or maybe somewhere new like Burma, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan… Lots of research to do first… and yes you can come!
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