Greek Island hopping with photographer Laura Goodall

Hot, fun and insanely picturesque, Laura Goodall explores Greece's Cyclades



Sarakiniko, one of Milos’ more iconic beaches – often busy in summer. I can only imagine how incredible it would be at sunset/sunrise with nobody around.

My favourite beach on Milos, only reached by a narrow rock staircase & wooden ladder. Tsigrado had the clearest water and an incredible network of caves.


Kilma is an old fishermans village. The row of multicolored houses sit right at the waters edge, the tide lapping at the doors.



We spent a beautiful day exploring some of the iconic landmarks surrounding Santorini, drinking Ouzo until we docked. I have never been somewhere that celebrates the going down of the sun quite as much as people do here.



Traveling with couples is always fun… lucky my travel buddy had a great sense of humour.



Mykonos was definitely the highlight of my time in The Cyclades. My sister and I spent long days lounging at beach clubs and long nights in the old town dancing and laughing with friends. Our favourite spots for lounging, swimming and eating: San Giorgio, Alemagou, Scorpios.




Oh and how could I forget the shopping! We stayed in the old town which is great if you don’t have a vehicle – just try not to get lost.

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After an exhausting few weeks we took some time to wind down here in Paros. Exploring the whole island on quad bikes – you could probably do most of it in a day.

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All images captured on film, see more from lovely Laura’s lens HERE x


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