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The island of Kauai, Hawaii

Many years ago I fell in love with a travel blog from Hawaii. For me, it was a virtual escape to another universe, about a family who travelled the world not for the sake a vacation, yet to teach their children about our planet and the way human kind coexist on this one big old place we call Earth…

Last month manifestations came true when we travelled to Kauai, Hawaii to meet The Goodwin family, just after the world release of their stunning film GIVEN. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to this incredible family today…meet Daize, Aamion, Given and Truth.

Packing up life here in Kauai and taking to a life on the road with your family for 18mths… was it a huge decision? What do you feel was your greatest motivation? 

Definitely a huge decision especially being pregnant with our second baby when we decided to pack up and go… But felt it was extremely important to take the opportunity and show our babies what this planet has to offer. There’s so much fear around other countries, people and their cultures. We wanted to imprint their brains and hearts early on that that is just not the case.

Whilst on the road with a crew you travelled from Nepal, to Fiji, New Zealand and beyond – I’m sure there was a great mixture of both high and low points? 

The best thing about traveling as a family is you’re excepted everywhere you go. People invite you in to eat and even stay with them. It’s amazing to see how the walls go down when you have kids with you. There were a few times that we experienced some pretty crazy cultural differences, but we were always able to meet in the middle and understand each other.

Travel has a way off shedding our skin and making us both vulnerable and adventurous – If you could do it all again would you change a thing?

We actually plan on doing it again but would stay in our favorite countries for a longer period of time. Slowing yourself down no matter where you are is such an important tool to really take in everything around you. To spend 3 to 6 months in a place seems about right, and that wasn’t the case here we were on the go most of our trip. The greatest thing was we really got to feel the vibe of a lot of different places and which really resonated with our family. Only a matter time before we are back in these places and experiencing all they have to offer.

Do you have any advice for any families who are dreaming and seeking more – and may have fear around this idea of global travel…

The truth about global travel is there really is nothing to fear. Leading with Love, kindness, respect for others and a sense of the unknown is all you need. It does take money though, and some sort of plan, but your life will never be the same. We’ve learned that as we save up for our next journey there is a total adventure waiting right outside your door. Sometimes we camp in the yard, go to the beach and make forts, or pitch a tent up in the mountains near our house.

At home here in Kauai your ethos is powerful, slow down and be present – we couldn’t agree more, this island is alive in natural beauty and to be treated with the utmost respect. Do you have any advice for those who travel to the garden isle?

This is such a special island and with more and more visitors every year, we see things that our community would love to change all the time. Many Visitors come and unfortunately they have no regard to the local people who live here and this islands magical natural beauty. Definitely bring sunscreen that is safe for the reefs, and don’t walk on them. Always be the person that stops on the other end of the one lane bridge so that the others can go, this simple action is a pay it forward of kindness and you’ll find yourself thanking people for stopping and letting you cross.  Our water is safe to drink – some of the best in the world, so bring your own water bottle that way you don’t have to use plastic that fills our landfills. Also our farmers market’s are loaded with great produce so shop at those for sure to support local farmers.

GIVEN the movie is now available on Netflix. Watch the preview and be inspired by this thoughtful and moving documentary HERE

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Shot on location at the Goodwin’s Kauai home by Matt Rabbidge

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