Full moon rituals

Work harmoniously with this mighty force of nature and welcome the magic of tonight's full moon! Our wellness writer Ema Taylor shares 5 full moon rituals to help you summon this new cycle.

When La Luna is at her biggest and brightest she omits a powerful energy that has a profound effect on all of nature. The full moon symbolizes the end of a lunar cycle highlighting the dynamic shifts in nature that are quite often reflected in our own lives. These effects can be felt physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

1. Reset & Manifest – The full moon is the perfect time for reflection; a time to shine some light on what may not be serving you, and a chance to clear space for what you really desire to attract in your life.
· Find a quiet space for you to sit under the moonlight, once relaxed slowly begin to tap into how you are feeling, has there been something playing on your mind lately? Now is the time to release any thoughts, behaviours, identities, attitudes or relationships that may be no longer serving your greater good.

· Be inspired! This is the beginning of a new chapter where you are the author and have the power to write your story anyway you wish. Manifesting follows the universal law of where attention goes, energy flows. Focus your energy on the magnificent, powerful, positive parts of your life and get clear about what else you wish to bring in. Dream big; use La Luna’s energy to amplify your intention.

2. Recharge your crystals – These sparkly earth stones each have unique healing properties and absorb energy just as we do. It is therefore important to cleanse and recharge them under the strength of the full moon.
· Wash your crystals in the rain, ocean or under the tap.

· Lay your crystals on the earth outside or on your windowsill under the moonlight for the night.

· In the morning infuse your crystal with a new intention or place it back in your room to allow its natural healing energy to flow freely.

3. Get together with friends – Harness the full moons energy and enjoy it with your friends. Get together for a dance under the moonlight, a picnic down by the beach, a potluck dinner party, or enjoy a cup of tea with a loved one.

4. Send blessings out to those in need – You have the power of the moon behind you, really connect with this energy and send some extra love and healing vibes out to friends, family, communities and countries in need.

5. Take some time out – Most of us live pretty full on lives and spend our days racing through our to do lists. Make the full moon a reminder to take the night off, relax, and find pleasure in slowing down. You could enjoy a yin yoga class, practice meditation, read a book or soak in an Epsom salt bath.

‘Oh how you shine with your heart full of moonlight and your soul full of stars’

Mariano Peccinetti

Words by Ema Taylor aka The Body Bible x

Artist Mariano Peccinetti


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