Does travelling get on your nerves?

Does the idea of travel stop you in your tracks? Our wellness adviser Ema has some easy steps to ease anxiety and have you ready to take on the world.

There are always mixed emotions when it comes to traveling. From personal experience it

usually consists of an intoxicating concoction of exhilaration and indecision around what it is I

really need to pack… With all the adrenalin pumping around my body occasionally there can

be a sense of anxiety that creeps in.

If anxiety tends to visit you before your holiday try the below coping mechanisms that will help

calm the nerves and re ignite your excitement.

1. Focus on your breath – This simple technique is incredibly powerful. Avoid short sharp

breathing in your chest and instead practice diaphoretic breathing. Take a slow, deep, long

inhale through your nose all the way from your stomach and when you cannot breath in any

more hold it for 3 seconds, slowly exhale through your nose. Repeat this 10 times and notice

how you feel.

2. Move your body – Physical exercise is an outlet for releasing adrenalin and forming

serotonin which is responsible for maintaining mood balance and contributes to wellbeing and


3. Sip herbal tea – Try peppermint, lemon balm, lavender or chamomile, these wonderful

herbs calm the nervous system and possess a mild sedative action.

4. Write your worry’s down – Once they are on paper they are out of your mind, this will

allow you to feel lighter and clarify what It is that may be making you feel uneasy.

5. Remember this feeling wont last and the journey ahead is going to make you a worldy



Happy traveling, love Em at The Body Bible x

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