Death metal, raw vegan cheesecake, with Stephen McCarthy. Los Angeles, CA

It was a fateful meeting which allowed me to share some time and psychedelic stories with raw vegan cheese cake master and musician Stephen McCarty in his home town in east Los Angeles.

I literally bumped into Stephen’s wife Traci ‘Prism of Threads’ in a small store in NYC. We had adored each others work from afar and on this chance meeting spoke for almost 30mins whilst people shopped around us. It was then that I invited she and Stephen to join my friend Magdalena and I a week later for tea back in LA. Little did we know the special guest star of the tea party would be one of Stephens wonderful creations.

Each one of Stephens cakes can take up to three hours to make, he explains that his process is much like entering a deep meditative state where he likes to study the receiver. He was once quoted when describing a particular cake to his lover “making this cake is like building a loving relationship; so much time and effort goes into it, with no guarantee of success. It’s an experiment that could easily fall apart at any moment! But when it comes together and you have your sweet reward, doubts and anxieties melt away. The heart opens and relinquishes it’s defences.”

This “death metal cheese cake goes to India” inspired; black berry, white chocolate and cacao, date, cashew, almond, pecan and beetroot cake was Devine! It is fair to say that we amongst many others are now avid fans too. We hope to see much more of these wonderful humans, their energy still with me as I travel home to Australian shores. For more on Stephen’s insanely beautiful and healthy creations see his Instagram account here.

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