Confessions of an Unslept Mother…

The Vista x Goodnight Co.

Sleep is really your life source, especially when your’e a mum.

If your anything like me I’m sure your’e guilty of naughty little things sneaking into your routine which we know will effect our precious sleep…

Thank goodness Goodnight Co have a few simple tools and tricks to help us rest easy.

Here are just a few of them;

Mum needs her sleep anytime her baby is sleeping – morning, noon or night so eyeshades are a perfect way to block out the sunshine when needed.

Swap out black teas and coffee for a cammomile blend like ‘Calm Tea’ in the afternoon.

Too much screen time before bed will wake up your mind.

AND we’ve all been here…

Create a bedroom sanctuary with flowers, crystals and pieces you love and try to enchange your phone for a book.

Just before bed pop a few drops of ‘Stress Relief Blend’  into the diffuser, it creates a lovely, calm environment for deep sleep.

 All my favourite pieces are all available right here at Goodnight co.

PS you can use my discount code ‘The Vista’ for a limited time too.

Sweet dreams, Julia X



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