Bruny Island Long Weekend

Experience the real Bruny Island, in Tasmania's deep South

I’m sitting at the long wooden table mesmerised by the open fire, or the “bush telly” as I am corrected by a nearby local when Rob Knight (the founder and director of Bruny Island Long Weekend) comes dutifully into the room.

He nods in our direction and offers a warm albeit quick hello, enough to figure that his mind is on other things. He scoots past me, draws a small, illustrated book from the shelve and thumbs the pages until “- uh uh yes I was pretty sure it was the Scarlett Robin!” I liked this man instantly and his obvious passion – not only for deciphering a bird trill he had heard on arriving at the camp that day, yet towards each facet of this lovely Tasmanian experience.

You see Rob is a professional guide who coined the idea to show visitors his real version of Bruny Island many moons ago when leading guides across the island. Rob and his team of merry men including our tour guide Tom Wolff, pride themselves on providing a way to truly connect and engage with the place.

These guides take place over 3 days, starting on a Friday morning, with a private boat transfer from Hobart’s waterfront. The 1hr boat trip places you at an old jetty at the northern tip of Bruny. In the days that come you will partake in guided walks of up to 18km (don’t worry you won’t need to carry a pack), meet several Bruny locals, furry, feathered or otherwise and even shuck your own oysters straight from the crystal clear waters of Great Bay. All trails end here at the base camp set humbly on a 43 acre property.

The camp itself epitomises sustainability, safari style tents house king size beds with lovely linen sets and stylish blankets, hot showers are set amongst bracken rainforest, not to mention the gorgeous, locally sourced meal complimented by Bruny Cheese Co cheeses and wines. I couldn’t describe it as glamping, yet something slightly more rustic which still stroked your ‘I am a real camper’ ego – even though you didn’t have to touch a tent peg, or a cooking pan! That evening after a few good bush yarns, armed with a hot water bottle this happy camper is off to bed, ready for an early rise.

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All images in film by Matt Rabbidge

For more information and a guide to Tasmania download our new guide HERE


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