Boost your travel belly with cabbage!

Traveling to new countries can be a bit of a shock to our digestive system with the different foods, unclean water, and exposure to foreign pathogens. However, with a strong army of bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract we can reduce susceptibility to falling ill and even prevent such occurrences.

Fermented foods are a simple, affordable, and tasty way to boost your army as this bacteria re establishes our pre existing ‘good’ bacteria in the gut. Here is one of my favourite sauerkraut recipes to start you off….

What you need for caraway, juniper berry and dill sauerkraut:

– 1 750g glass jar

– ½ large green or red cabbage

– 1 tbsp Himalayan crystal salt

– 1 tbsp caraway seeds

– A handful of juniper berries

– 4 stalks of dill


– Sterilize your glass jar with boiling water – this is very important as you do not want

any rogue bacteria in there to start with

– Remove 3-5 outer leaves of cabbage

– Chop or shred cabbage in a food processor

– Mix in a bowl with salt, caraway, juniper berries and dill – push it down with your fists

until the cabbage juices mix with the salt and make a brine

– When the cabbage is completely covered with brine spoon into the glass jar each

time pushing down firmly so there are no air pockets in the jar

– Fill the jar until there is about 1cm gap at the top. The cabbage should be submerged

in the juices.

– Place a few outer cabbage leaves on top to cover the kraut to makes sure its fully

submerged in water and screw the lid on.

– Place the jar in a shaded spot in the kitchen or cupboard and leave to ferment for 14-

28 days.

– Enjoy your jar of homemade pre-biotics!


Red Cabbage close up


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