Bar Palladio. Narain Niwas Hotel, India

There is treasure to be found, of white, gold an peacock blue. An opulent new bar in a heritage hotel has Jaipur's visitors in a whirlwind...

Adorned with intriguing detail, Bar Palladio has a sophisticated and chic feel that mirrors the cool cosmopolitan charm of its owner, Italian Barbara Miolini, herself an incredibly warm host. Inside, the bar stocked high, takes centre stage, with a number of private booths off the main area.

Outside, where most of the action takes place, there is a large green lawn, dotted with cute awnings, and sofas each with its own individual fire pit. Service is charming and the low lighting will easily allure you to stay on into the evening.

The menu is simple, mostly vegetarian, and prepared thoughtfully by a talented young Italian chef, and served on beautiful peacock blue motif plates. Share large plates of speck, pecorino and honey, penne all’arrabbiata, French bean salads and fragrant cocktails.

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