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There is no possible way you can be in a bad mood on this Island!

The garden isle of  Kauai had been on my travel list for many years – when I shut my eyes to dream of this Hawaiian island, it quite literally looked like a ‘Babe Rainbow‘ film clip in my mind, psychedelic love children running about, tropical fruit and lots of ukuleles – I saw nothing but good vibes. So as the plane touched down at Lihue airport a smile came across my face, then seemed to stick around permanently.

Street side fruit stalls in the main street of Hanalei.

Tunnels Beach all day, everyday.

Prickly pear, mango trees and dragon fruit run wild by the side of the road.

There can never be enough coconuts. This dusty locals truck was parked here day in day out. I fell for his traditional palm hats too.

Date night in Hanalei, sushi and sake x

The Kauai lifestyle represented what I would consider some of the greatest things in life… slowing down, loving each day, swimming in a deep blue sea, walking through lush jungle, red earth at your feet, whist rainbows arch smilingly over you.

The vast beauty of Waimea Canyon.

The opportunity to take our little one with us and share these moments as a family was just the best! I hope we took enough family photos to genuinely embarrass Dee Dee in her teenage years.

An afternoon at Hanalei Pier. Come for the gentle waves, stay for the sunset.

Kauai is situated approx. 45min flight time from Honolulu (Oahu), it is one of eight main islands: Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe and the Big Island of Hawaii.

Treasure hunting in the colourful streets of Hanapepe.

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All images on film by Matt Rabbidge.

Aloha Forever x


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