The future shape of you…

I had an interesting conversation with a Balinese man that was driving me to the airport. We got chatting about meditation.

His father is a spiritual leader in his home town of Singaraja, where he teaches a large number of students about meditation and hinduism.

My new friend was telling me about his plans to eventually go back to his home town and immerse himself in his fathers teachings and connect with his own practice.

“first i need to make some money and be a good father. After these things I will start meditating again. I am really looking forward to this. I will stop drinking and smoking”

Its been a reoccurring theme in a lot of the conversations I’ve had with people in Asia about meditation and spirituality, that “it” (spiritual practice) is this thing that will come when they are finished living life in the real world.

Its been conditioned into the minds of people world wide that meditation is a reclusive practice reserved for people that live a more monastic life. Even in cultures that are very connected to the spiritual origins of their ancestors have a belief that the modern developing world is a separate way of life that requires a choice. Either this way or that way. The way my ancestors lived or the way of the future.

This leads them to a cross roads and many choose to leave the teachings of their ancestors in the old world and jump into the new, with dreams of getting what they need and then returning.

Due to language barriers it was difficult for me to explain that I had a practice that I maintain on a daily basis that helps me become more productive and adaptive to the seemingly chaotic high paced world.

That this practice provides me with roots in the spiritual domain as I operate in the material one, that these two worlds can be easily integrated and in fact work hand in hand with our own evolution.

My life is not overly busy when I compare it to others but even so, time still eludes me, and when I catch myself becoming too busy to fit my 20 minutes meditation I remind myself of the trap that has entangled the minds of many.. “Once I finish this chapter of my life and I have more time I’ll pickup a practice and it will be so nice”

It’s the simple practice now that shapes our future. Meditation is a highly valid technique for the fully integrated humans of today. Now is the future in the making.

Words by Jasson Salisbury

Images by Tom Hawkins

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